Vickers-Armstrong VC-10 and Short Belfast

(L to R) 1) Vickers-Armstrong VC-10 (4 jet engines on tail) BOAC used it for passengers 29 June 1962 thru’ 29 April 1964; then the RAF used it as an aerial fuel tanker from May 1964 thru’ 20 September 2013 because the high tail elevator controls & the engines mounted on rear fuselage made it easy to operate to/from high altitude airports with desert sandy conditions at RAF Museum Cosford Shropshire,England ; 2 )Shorts Bros plc Belfast HEAVY LIFT cargo a/c at RAF Museum Cosford, Shropshire,England 1 October 1987

Shorts Bros plc founded in 1908 making ships near London at Rochester,Kent,England , then moved in 1948 to Belfast, Ireland building primarily turbo-prop airliners (ie) Shorts 330 , 360. Bombardier Aerospace,Montreal, Canada bought Shorts Bros plc in 1986 . Time Air in Alberta,Canada used 3 330’s for its’ Prairie passenger routes and 3 360’s on its BC coastal passenger routes 1970’s - 2005? when it was integrated with PWA as Canadian AirlinesInternational Limited/CAIL & later with AirCanada Jazz. The Shorts are not expensive to operate because they are not pressurized !