DHC-2 Beaver, 13 April 1981

C-FJFQ DHC-2 Beaver AirBC Head of Knights Inlet 51 deg 05’N.Lat,125 deg 34’ W.Long non fatal accident. And reason I quit flying , aside from the fact that AirBC would fire me anyway. 16:15PST 13 April 1981 My passenger was the AirBC YZT Base Dispatcher/Pilot trainee. It started out as a great day flying east from YZT climbing to 8,000ft in the cloudless sky with 100’s of miles visibility c/w Mount Waddington directly in front of us bathed in the afternoon sunshine (it is BC’s highest peak : 13,186 ft/4019 meter) 51 deg 22’25.356” N , 125 deg 15’55.3” W. (18 miles northly from the BCFP camp). Not a scratch to either of us ! The aircraft cost $65,000 to rebuild at YVR. View DoT (Pacific region) Accident Report # 81-P10025. People at the BCFP/BC Forest Product’s camp said my starboard wing tip hit the river slough’s water , not the float as stated in the DoT report . I couldn’t verify either statement.