Douglas C-47A

FZ576 Douglas C-47A Dakota III (DC-3) RCAF a navigation training exercise from Pat Bay a/p (now YYJ) overshot
YZT's Rwy 28 ,ran out of fuel & crashed on south side of ridge of land 6.5km northwest of YZT between Fort Rupertand immediately south of BCFerries Bear Cove dock in Hardy Bay (no fuel = no fire) on 19 April 1944 .A fatal accident for the 5 crew. If it had been 100-150 feet higher, it may have pancaked onto Hardy Bay with no fatalities ? I took this picture from the right seat of C-FKAW BN2A/Islander AirBC when flying back to Port Hardy from Kimsquit 22 June 1981

My research re: 1944 accident brought up the following :


2 people walked for 40 minutes from Hardy Bay on weekend of Oct 9-10, 2014. . . took several colour photos

of the wreck , which shows the RAF coloured roundel on the fueslage .

Thus verifying that it is not **** Queen Charlotte AirLines' CF-EPI **** (crashed near the a/p 23 June 1957)