Port Alberni, BC

This photo is of the town of Port Alberni on a clear early May 1978 day.In winter the town is shrouded in rain or fog & smoke from the various mills. That may have changed due world's economic downturn? ( the bare brown spots or slashes in otherwise forested areas are where trees have been cut/logged )

The town was built by McMillan-Bloedell for its' employees working in the mills or cutting trees needed to produce lumber or pulp & paper in their factories located on the shoreline at head of the Alberni Canal (the north eastern end of the saltwater fjord that begins at Barkley Sound on the Pacific Ocean). This view from north-west to south-east shows in the lower right quarter : the Somass River,McCully Avn hangar & grass airstrip , grey tint smoke rising from one of the mills, log booms to right of the mill. The original townsite was built on the hillside overlooking the harbour-located to far right. Behind the mill is the newer section of the town. Further to the left is the more recent residential area which slopes down to the Somass River. Behind to far left is Mount Arrowsmith - apparently great for climbing & skiing if winter brings sufficient snow. In 2005 , I drove to Tofino via Port Alberni. The town is actually growing, by attracting retirees from mainland Canada ,even though the mills have been shut down or had to reduce their output due world market economic conditions.