C-GIJK McCULLY AVIATION LTD at Lasquetti Island 49 deg 29’30” N. 101 deg 01’07” W. 20 June 1978 .
Even though I had been taking-off and landing on tidal water for 40 days, it was from/to docks that rose & fell with the tide. Well “thought I” since there are no docks here, find a rock on shore and slip a rope around it. On this particular charter carrying 2 BC Highways Department inspectors from Port Alberni to inspect roads on Lasquetti Island; I dropped them off on the island, tied the aircraft to a rock —looked secure to me. The inspectors said they’d be busy for several hours. There was a retired couple in a house above who invited me to come chat & have a coffee. Several hours later the 2 men returned ready to go home. Great — we got outside & discovered this scene ! The couple invited us back in while we waited for the tide to rise. Neither the government was charged for any of the holding time nor did I get paid for the hours holding ! All part of learning about tidal saltwater, never did that again either flying or sailing? OOPS - Just remembered while sailing in Fraser River, August 1985, utilizing a summer 25knot westerly inflow tacking back & forth downstream north of Tilbury Island missed the tide change by 2 hours — abruptly stopped on the mud! Fortunately a downstream bound Gillnetter saw my predicament , turned around & offered to pull Intention OFF, I said yes . . .he attached a stout line to my aft starboard cleat & dragged us clear (my NorthSea 34 weighs 15,000lbs). If he hadn’t seen us, we’d spend the next 14 hours drinking beer until the tide went through a complete cycle before floating off . My keel is flat & stout , I don’t think the boat would fall on its’ side !