McCully’s hangar and office is behind and above the Cessna. Silver coloured apparatus above the Beaver wing tip are fuel pumps for his aircraft. The aircraft on shore behind the ramp and blue van is a Cessna 150, and the red fuselage and tail of a DHC-2 Beaver C-FSHP (the latter was not in McCully’s fleet when I flew for him May 1978 thru April 6,1979). Don’t know who owns the Cessna 150? A part of the grass airstrip is visible behind the C-150. Beyond that are trucks and maintenance buildings for McMillan-Bloedell’s logging division. I took this photo from the road east of the Somass from Port Alberni to Tofino. At that time I was driving from CYZT to visit my old haunts in Port Alberni ! 21 May 1981.