C-FQRI Gulf Island Air DHC-3 at 6000ft over Point Grey/Vancouver,BC. Viewing south-south-east over north arm of Fraser River - CYVR a/port, middle arm of Fraser River, Richmond, Fraser River, farm land: dark green near top right is Point Roberts,Washington State, USA. My flight that afternoon possibly to Quamichan Lake (near Duncan on south YVR Island) with 8 men and returning empty to CYZT, took 4.8 hours. CYVR a/p ATC/Air Traffic Control would have told me to stay up high rather than fly over Vancouver Island because of airliners doing their approaches to CYVR over CYCD/Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. (photo detail : Nikon FM , 70mm, f 5.6, 60th). 8 September 1980. (On July 3rd 1980, I began the practice of recording only the day's total time for each aircraft flown (ie) the departure and destination are shown in the company's Journal Log Book )