Eldon Lake and Lynn Lake

View is west from 5 miles east of Eldon Lake,MB from CALM Air's (FBA-2C) CF-SOP at 2,000' . Foreground is Eldon Lake with 6 floatplane air operations docks on its' centre westshore . From L to R : La Ronge Aviation Svcs, Manitoba Gov't Air, Parson's Airways, Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd, Chiupka Fish Company, Calm Air Ltd. *** if my memory is faulty , please advise correct order

View west from 5 miles east of Eldon Lake at 2000ft.

I was flying CALM Air’s FBA-2C CF-SOP SSW by Lynn Lake on approach to land at Eldon lake,MB (only ventillation into cockpit was a small round rotatable pc in each window , unlike Cessna aircraft whose windows were hinged) . I had spent many hours polishing the unpainted aluminum, thus the wing underside reflection which I only noticed now in August 2016 - 46 years later ! Lower third of photo are former & then current tailings ponds & dikes. Above & far right 3 bldgs of CNRail’s Lynn Lake terminal/end of the line! Left & centre the large white structures are Sherritt Gordon Mines' A mine site , including headframe, crushing bldgs , various conveyors, short street with rectangular bldgs connecting mine to town are single men & women bunkhouses. Residential houses/apartment bldgs occupy area above greyish arae. To the left, the bigger bldgs was commercial area (ie) movie theatre , recreation centre, curling club, Central Grocery & Meats , a bank , post office, hotel etc. To far left was the town’s new residential subdivision. What looks like water & sand at centre far left was the tailings pond of Sherritts’ other active underground Farley mine adjacent to an open pit . Centre right beyond apartment blocks is CYYL/lynn Lake airport bldgs & paved runways. (Summer 1970)

Overhead view from west to east of Lynn Lake,MB Sherritt Gordon's 2 primary mine sites from CALM Air (Found Bros Aircraft/FBA-2C) CF-SOP . Dark foreground = West Lynn Lake ; bottom right is road to Eldon Lake float planes' base ,far upper right is the then new gravel road north then south-east 185 miles/322km to Thompson,MB . In between is crescent shaped Lynn Lake townsite. Centre right is the Farley mine site showing tailings ponds , the unused open pit , the mine headframe . Mid centre left is Sherritt's A Mine with head frame and operating bldgs. Upper right third are the then current tailings ponds. I think the cleaner water eventualy drained in to Eldon Lake? (Summer 1970)