CYYQ/Churchill,MB airport . Viewing southwest from over Hudson bay shoreline . Bldgs in foreground were 2 story single mens barracks . Airport could house 4500 personnel supporting the NORAD Mid-Canada radar line and Canada’s upper atmospheric research project using Black Brant rockets > northern lights/aurora borealis' effect on radio signals . Main runway direction 150/330 & is 9195’ X 160’. Transair had passenger/cargo service from CYWG/Winnipeg. (August 26,2016 in Sidney,BC I met a former Transair flight attendant who flew that route in YS-11s) . The airport primarily used by air charter companies sush as Lamb Air ,OCA/Ontario Central Airlines, NWT/North West Territorial Airways, Transair to haul winter supplies to remote Cree or Inuit communities in the then Northwest Territories utilizing all manner of larger piston engined aircraft such as the Armstrong' Argosy , Bristol Freighter, C-46s , Douglas DC-3s, -4s, -6s. CNR’s muskeg rail line is the only land transport from the rest of Canada via southern Manitoba. (September 1976)