Hardy T-Bear at the helm

14 August 1985 - mother-in-law had given us a teddy bear dressed as a sailor - SV Intention On a lovely port beam reach only using my 150% Genoa (main sail was never used for this pilot-house motor sailer) off Gower Point, Gibsons,BC) in Strait of Georgia. (had shredded my 170% genoa sailing outbound with the Fraser River current at Steveston into the teeth of 25 knot westerly) To take this photo I was wearing my Mustang Floater coat and secured to a deck lifeline at the Bow (the most forward point of any boat) This sailing vacation was to discover what all the hype was concerning Desolation Sound? = too much hype ! https://www.hellobc.com/places-to-go/sunshine-coast/https://www.insidevancouver.ca/2011/08/25/steveston-fishing-village-a-photo-essay