Bell 47G

Bell 47G helicopter on the deck of LST 692 (the ship carried one to be used to search for “leads” in the Arctic ice pack. The year round ice pack wouldn’t recede until July 1st. We carried supplies to Canadian DEW Line sites located between Herschel Is (NWT/Alaska border of Beaufort Sea) to the West, and East to Gjoa Haven?/Spence Bay? on S W side of Boothia Peninsula

NTCL has been involved in North Slope operations since 1963.[3] In 1975, then under the jurisdiction of the Coast Guard Northern Division of Transport Canada, it became the sole marine shipper in the Canadian Arctic operating of out of Churchill, Manitoba.[8]In 1959, it moved its operational headquarters to the town of Hay River.[10] In 1985 it was purchased by the Inuvialuit Development Corporation and Nunasi Corporation, two native-owned corporations.[1][8] " (free Wikipedia)