ABAS Cessna 180

CF- PVN at CYSX/Shearwater/Bella Bella on a barge being towed to CYVR for repair . This began when Dick Vaughan was taking a BC Telephone man from Port Hardy to Trutch Is in PVN and ran into awful weather around Hakai Pass, finally landed and beached the a/c in Raymond passage NW of Bella Bella where they spent the night. It blew hard in the middle of the night, did a lot of damage to the a/c and dumped it upside down in the salt chuck. Nobody knew where they were, but Bob Millet (the Shearwater ABAS pilot) went looking first thing in the morning, found the plane and then the passengers sitting round a fire on the shore (details in email from G.Rankine to Hugh 27/01/2017).That winter of 1968-69 was made horrendous due to lots of snow and winds reducing visibilities