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N????? Piper a/c?? , N???? Piper a/c?? , NZ?? 48 Piper a/c?? , N????? Piper a/c??, N????? Piper a/c?? -- 5 Piper’s owned by San Juan Air . And N???? DC-10 Northwest A/L ? parked on ramp outside YVR International’s Custom’s arrival/departure Gate . San Juan Air originally had service from Friday Harbor on San Juan Island,Washington State (one of the USA Puget Sound gulf islands) to SEA/Seattle/Tacoma Washington. SJA was the forerunner of Horizon Airlines which then linked with Alaska Air Lines . Early 1984 , I was bumped from my position at YZT , moved to YVR to work in AirBC’s Dispatch office for about a year, then another position change to driving a 20 passenger bus at YVR’s main terminal AIRSIDE (to/from DHC-6s parked on an outer apron as a/c too small to access the GATE ) Thus , I was able to get many pictures of aircraft that arrived/departed from YVR] photo date 1 June 1985