G-BOAG Concorde British Airways had landed on YVR's Rwy 25 & taxiing to CP Air’s hangar 11 July 1986.

CP Air was a part of the One World group of airlines that included BA/Air France/Finn Air etc ,thus was given contract to handle any of its’ requirements , including passenger handling vs the Star Alliance group including Air Canada,United,Air New Zealand, etc).(G-BOAG flew a few days carrying 100 pax each time who had shelled out $800 each for a 30 minute supersonic flight beyond Vancouver Island out over the Pacific Ocean) The Concorde was flown to YVR for the aviation component of Transportation EXPO ’86 . On 14 July 1986, Air France Concorde F-BTSC arrived at YVR. The next day in mid-afternoon when commercial traffic was light , the AF pilots showed what it could do — work came to a stand still - certainly for outside workers (me too) it took-off then returned doing a slow flyby about 50-100 ft for almost the entire 11,000ft above Rwy 25 kept aloft by sheer engine thrust , almost full flap. Tabernaque, quel performance !!