CF- ??? DC-3 Norcanair "taking off” westbound (then Runway 23 , now Runway 24)

I was based at YSF/Stony Rapids from October 1st thru’ November 27th,1971. Doing a bit of flying , and a lot of driving of stove oil in the Shell Oil 10 ton fuel truck from Stony Rapids 9 miles east to Black Lake aboriginal reserve , and fixing many flat tires om that short route! CALM Air's owner started his charter flying business as well as having a long term contract with Shell Oil to supply gasoline & stove oil to 'Black Lake Dene' aboriginal Reserve.

Black Lake is a First Nations community in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada, located on the northwest shore of Black Lake where the Fond du Lac River leaves the lake to flow to Lake Athabasca.

It is the main community of the Black Lake Denesuline Nation reserve with a land base of over 32,000 hectares (79,074 acres).[5]Formerly, the Black Lake band used the name "Stony Rapids", which is now the name of a separate community 20 kilometres (12 mi) northwest and downstream on the Fond du Lac River, not on reserve land. (Wikipedia)