Norduyn Norseman Mk VI

CF-MAM Norduyn Norseman Mk VI (with new Fabric & yellow “dope” —** fabric used to cover

an aircraft’s structure is usually “linen” , is stretched tight , then sewn, and is made

tighter & stronger by painting many layers of DOPE=Lacquer on the fabric’s surface ).

(this a/c can be seen at Suncor Energy Centre in downtown Calgary,AB <> January 1971

This particular aircraft was owned by South Indian Lake Co-Op Fisheries Ltd - to carry square

galvanized “wash tubs” of “White Fish” freshly caught frozen fish by the aborinal fishermen living at South Indian Lake or near that community. (winter temperatures -20 to -40 F)

each tub weighed 100lb I think it could carry twenty tubs = 2,000 lb s

The fish were brought to Eldon Lake , transfered to a truck, taken to Chiupka’s Fish plant in Lynn Lake for processing.

(South Indian Lake itself is a large lake approx 50 miles east of YYL/Lynn Lake,MB & 60 miles north of Thompson,MB) . . . The aircraft ,if I recall operated only when the lakes were fozen. If there is anything I have written not correct please