Bell G4A helicopter

CF-YQ? Bell 47 G4A helicopter at west side of Playgreen Lake. I was tasked with bringing another

Lamb Air AME & some parts to the other 2 AMEs working on this LambAir helicopter.

Charlie Wilson - AME on left ; Ron George - AME working on it ; Larry Sobriesky - AME on right}

Playgreen Lake was one of many locations where crews were doing surveys for hydro dams related to

diverting the Churchill River south to the Nelson River

April 1971

Playgreen Lake north of Lake Winnipeg

LocationDivision No. 22, ManitobaCoordinates54°02′N 98°14′WCoordinates: 54°02′N 98°14′WPrimary inflowsNelson RiverPrimary outflowsNelson RiverCatchment area5,322 km2 (2,055 sq mi)Basin countriesCanadaSurface area657 km²