Beechcraft "Mentor"

CF-WZG was imported as a new airplane in 1968 by Dept. Of Energy, Mines & Resources. It was sold in 1989 and re-registered to Sander Geophysics until 1999. The registration is now on a pressurized Piper Navajo.

The original Beech design was the Be65 Queen Air develop from the Beech Twin Bonanza with a new fuselage.

Powered by a Lycoming IGSO-480 engine producing 340 hp @ 3400 RPM & 48” MP. Straight tail and 7700 lb MTOW.

A65 - Produced with the swept tail and longer wing via new wing tips and increased fuel to 268 USG. Used by Perimeter Airlines in Winnipeg for many years.

70- Longer wing and 8200 lb MTOW

80- Longer wing, swept tail and MTOW of 8500 lbs. Powered by the Lycoming IGSO - 540 engine of 380 hp.

A80- Minor improvements. Wing span of 50’3” and IGSO-540 engine of 380 hp.

B80- Final production model produced for 12 years. Production ended in 1978. 8800 lbs MTOW.

88- Pressurized Queen Air. Only 47 made and some converted to model 65-90 King Air and 65-A90 King Air. More or less the launch customer for the PT-6 turbine. 90 had a PT6A-6 engine of 500 shp and the A90 had the more reliable PT6A-20 engine of 550 shp. The 90 series is still in production. Transport Canada has a bunch and they are used as a basic twin trainer at CFB Portage La Prairie/Southport.