Fokker F-28

CF-TAV Fokker F-28 transair' inaugural flight YWG/YYL fly-by (service prior to this was via Hawker Siddely HS 748’s
. (I was working day shift Monday-Friday 1972-1976 at Sherritt Gordon Mines)

CF-TAV F-28 transair ("David Portigal & Co. publicity photo file No. 72K44”) given to Lynn Laker’s on date of its’ inaugural flight from YWG/Winnipeg
450 miles north to YYL/Lynn Lake,MB (photo date 1974-1976 ?)

"Transair had its origins as Central Northern Airways (CNA) in April 1947, based in Manitoba, Canada. In 1956 the name was changed to Transair Ltd. The first scheduled route to be operated was from Winnipeg to Red Lake using a Lockheed Model 14 Super Electra. The company had a mixed fleet of Curtiss C-46 Commando, Avro Anson, Avro York, de Havilland DH-89 Dragon Rapide, Lockheed Model 14 Super Electra, Bristol 170, and smaller Cessna, Noorduyn Norseman, and Waco aircraft.
In 1955 CNA took over Arctic Wings and with the merger the name was changed to Transair in 1956. With expansion came the Douglas DC-4 and Douglas DC-3 in 1957. As Transair continued to grow, more routes were awarded and Douglas DC-6Bs and Douglas DC-7Cs were introduced to the fleet.
In April 1973, Transair, then Canada's fourth largest airline, hired Rosella Bjornson as the first female First Officer. Bjornson flew the Fokker F28jet. She was the first woman to be hired by a commercial airline in Canada, and the first woman member of the Canadian Air Line Pilots Association.[1] " ( Wikipedia )

I recall that she set a flight time record one winter evening from YWG, 450 miles north to YYL !